Saturday 30 April 2011

portland bluefin tuna fishing charters

g'day and welcome to the daily RED HOT FISHING CHARTERS tuna fishing report,today was a bit rainy but there was no wind and the tuna blue fin and albacore were all on the chew in a big way we came back once we had 18 tuna a mix of blue fin tuna and albacore tuna we had plenty of action with all rods screaming off at the same time so it kept the crew on there feet today,the weather looks great so keep watching these reports as red hot is tuna fishing every day for a booking call simon 0409188751

Thursday 28 April 2011

portland bluefin tuna fishing charters 29.4.11

another 'RED HOT' day on the water at portland we caught plenty of bluefin tuna again today,the weather for portland looks great for the next week so we will be on the water every day doing bluefin tuna fishing charters if you want to book a trip call simon on 0409188751 nwe have 2 days left in may and limited days in june so get in now so you dont miss out.cheers simo.

Portland Fishing Charters - Good Morning

Mornings at Portland don't get better than these! Call Simon on 0409 188 751 to book your next Portland Fishing Charter.

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portland bluefin tuna fishing charters

today was a great day of bluefin tuna fishing at portland we caught plenty of bluefin and albacore tuna with 6 way hook ups keeping the crew on boad RED HOT FISHING CHARTERS busy,with great weather for the next 5 days iam sure there will be plenty more good days on the water at portland,keep watching for our daily red hot fishing charters tuna fishing report from portland

Monday 25 April 2011

Portland Fishing Charters - Pod of killer whales looking for Bluefin Tuna

A great day on the water at portland today we had 12 tuna by 12.30 and came in we also got to see a pod of killer whales that had balled up a school of tuna 30mtrs down and the whales came up to 5 mtrs beside the boat what a sight to see some of the worlds most beautiful creatures right here at portland today was awesome I love the floating office on days like today. I have 2 spots free for wednesdays charter if anybodys keen call simon 0409188751. Also my mate Greg Duncan has got a pair of 16ft outriggers for sale with bases let me know if you may want them cheers simo

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Sunday 24 April 2011

Portland Fishing Charters what a beautiful day

Some fish from todays charter beautiful calm day and the rest of the week looks great ive got 3 seats left for the charter tomorrow leaving portland ramp at 7:45am ring simon if your keen call  0409188751 cheers Simon or click the links below:

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Tuesday 19 April 2011

Portland Fishing Charters We are on the water and we are catching the mighty Southern Bluefin Tuna

Call Red Hot Fishing Charters on 0409 188 751. We are on the water on our Portland Fisng Charter and we are out to catch a big 100 KG. Book your next Portland Fishing Charter here.

Portland Fishing Charters at its best

The tuna fishing is at its best at portland atm bag out trips on most trips so if your keen I have spots available. Call Simon for your next Portland Fishing Charters on 0409188751.

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Portland Fishing Charters by Red Hot Fishing Charters

Portland Fishing Charters, we here now and the season is hot. Please make sure you book for your next Portland fishing charter to ensure you don’t miss out on catching a famous Portland 100 Kilo bluefin tuna.

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