Friday 29 July 2011


G'day everybody,we have finished our tuna fishing season and are now taking plenty off bookings for the up coming snapper season,with plenty of our regular clients geting there places booked for the season,if you would like to book a trip call simon on 0409188751 or look forward to seeing you on your next red hot fishing charter cheers simo

Sunday 17 July 2011

portland bluefin tuna fishing charters

TODAYS RED HOT FISHING CHARTERS PORTLAND BLUEFIN TUNA REPORT,In testing conditions with a strong wind blowing,it was never going to be easy to locate the bluefin today,but with a sharp eye i caught a glimse of some jumping tuna so i marked this on the gps and kept working this area and it didn't take long until we had a double hook up both fish were landed and we were working the same area for the next few hours and caught more tuna as the wind picked up we were trolling towards cape bridgewater when we came across 3 whale's a baby and 2 adults puting on a great display,once they moved on so did we and we found a new patch of busting bluefin and had a ball catching plenty of tuna for the day,again it payed to think outside the square and we came up with the goods once again. We have only missed geting our client's fish once out of the whole tuna season , i would like to thank everybody that has booked a red hot fishing charter at portland this season, i hope you all had a great time and i hope to see you all in the up coming snapper season in port phillip bay where we will be running 3 trips a day 7 days a week from the 1st of october, if you would like to make a booking call simon on 0409188751 or cheers and thanks for all the support and bookings. regards simon.

Saturday 16 July 2011

portland bluefin tuna fishing charters

Todays RED HOT FISHING PORTLAND TUNA REPORT, IT was a slower start than yesterday but after a few hours of trolling we were into some great blufin action,after our bag limit was reached we headed straight in as a few boys were green but all aboard caught what they came for and were happy as to be back at the ramp,small lures are still the key in purple and black colours and still the pakula uzy in illusion smashed the fish again,there are large fish being hooked and lost at apollo bay so with good weather this week iam thinking of heading down there so if anybody is keen just give me a call on 0409188751 or go to cheers simo.

Thursday 14 July 2011

portland bluefin tuna fishing charters

Todays RED HOT FISHING CHARTERS PORTLAND BLUEFIN TUNA REPORT,Well a huge change in weather conditions today (for the better) this made it a lot easyer for red hot to travel and locate the tuna again,after a 60k trip west of portland we found the tuna in huge numbers and they were in a feeding frenzy, i was all of 30 seconds before the first rod was buckled and we were on to a bluefin tuna,once fish was boated it was inasane action for the rest of the trip with 4 way hooh ups every time i could get time to get some lures in the water, i found the purple tuna clones to be a stand out lure today(this lure never leaves my lure spread as it never fails) also the pakula uzy in illusion colour was geting chomped flat stick as was the black magic jet setters in purple and twiggy,with this huge patch of fish and good weather for the next 6 days i will take some bookings for this week so if you want to get some late season tuna give simon a call on,0409188751 or cheers simo.

Sunday 3 July 2011


This weeks red hot fishing report is from bermagui in nsw,with wild weather hiting the victorian coast we decided to head up to bermagui to get into the tuna frenzy that was happening up there,in just 3 days fishing we caught and released around 100 bluefin tuna from 30kg to 60kg(watch for some insane footage caught on film coming soon) we also had mates rob torelli murray petersen and aleks matic join the red hot crew and rob and muzz being divers it was a world record tuna they were chasing on spear on day 2 muzz scored with a pending world record of 47.2kg bluefin tuna and both rob and murray had plenty of tuna on spear over the 3 days so i thought it was my shot to grab murrays dive gear and get into the deep blue water 3500 meters some 65ks off the coast of bermagui and after a short time in the water i had speared my very first southen bluefin tuna of 30kg and after a great fight and some wicked photos the fish was boated and again i went back in the water for another shot after another short time in the water i had my 2nd ever bluefin on spear a 33kg once fish was landed i was back on deck catching plenty on rod and reel, we were floating pillys down the cube trail and the tuna just smashed them every time,the highlight of this trip was being in the water and watching the boys on the deck flicking soft plastics into the tuna schools and to be 3 foot away from 35 to 45 kg tuna as the smashed these soft plastics and powered past me with huge speeds was amazing and something i will never forget iam still buzzing and will be for some time here are a few pics from those awesome days fishing.cheers simo