Monday 20 June 2011

Apollo bay bluefin tuna fishing charters

Welcome to the RED HOT TUNA FISHING REPORT portland tuna fishing is still at its best the weather is not kind at the moment but as the weekend gets closer the weather picks up and winds back off then RED HOT FISHING CHARTERS  will be back on the water for saturday,sunday i have had a cancellation so this day is still free to book.after the weekend we head to apollo bay to target the larger tuna that have been taken out there over the past 2 months,we have had a lot of people wanting to book trips on these larger fish but due to having every day already booked at portland we have been unable to head to apollo bay but this week see's us heading down to try our luck we have done well on the BARRELS at portland over the past 3 years so with a bit of luck we can get some clients hooked into a fish of a life time like some of our clients have had in the past,if you would like to book the boat for a day or  jump on with another few people give simon a call 0409188751 or here are some photos of some large tuna know as BARRELS taken onboard red hot fishing charters in the last few seasons